Comprehensive Consultation

Chinese Medicine system has unique way to view body, health and disease in comparison with conventional western medicine.


Based on this system, YanQiu He offers comprehensive consultation from treating complicated illnesses to wellness and longevity as well as understanding interactions between herbs and various other chemicals including medications and supplements.


What is uniqueness of Chinese Medicine?


Health is a stage of balance.The balances of Yin and Yang, Five elements and body and mind & spirit. Once this balance is interrupted or broken, illnesses occur. Many internal and external reasons can affect this balance, such as injury, infection, pollution or poor diet, mental stress etc.


View human body as a whole.


Since our body is energetically connected, we cannot just look at one symptom without checking entire system. For example, conditions like anxiety, seasonal allergy, insomnia, high blood pressure can be caused by same imbalance-Live Yin deficiency.


On the contrary, Asthma can be caused by multiple reasons, such as Lung Qi deficiency, Kidney Qi deficiency or wind-heat invasion. The treatment is completely different.


Treat each patient as a unique individual.


Genetically we are very different in energy pattern, therefore same western disease can manifests in unique way for each person. The treatment should be done accordingly. Customized treatment is a very important aspect of Chinese Medical system.


Prevention and well being.


There is old saying: “The best doctors know how to prevent disease rather than treat disease”. How to prevent re-occurrence of illness is one of key aspect of TCM system. For example, build body energy before allergy season for allergy, treating arthritis before season turns; treat winter upper respiratory infection in the summer etc.